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Why Choose Best Security

  1. Better Service

    Best Security is locally and independently owned and operated. This means better, faster, more effective service for our clients.
  2. Customer Focus

    Our clients remain our clients, we are not a dealer for a larger, faceless corporation. Our customers are our priority.
  3. Local

    Our monitoring station is located in Vancouver. This means that our operators are aware of local weather conditions, and other important issues that affect the monitoring of your security system. Our station and employees are also subject to the very strict regulations governing monitoring stations in Canada, regulations that do not necessarily apply to staions in the United States.
  4. Free Telephone Service

    Best Security offers free telephone service to all monitored customers, which may save the customer the hassle and the expense of a service call.
  5. Excellent Staff

    Our supervised technicians and excellent technical support which have a genuine concern and regard for our customers, and that our alarm systems work.
  6. Tailored Options

    Our monitoring services are not one size fits all. We offer packages and options that are suitable for each individual client, not one blanket solution.
  7. Versatile

    Best Security is a full service security installation company. We install and service security systems, CCTV, and Digital Video Records.
  8. 24/7

    Most importantly, we are on guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ask a Best Security professional on how you can start protecting your home or business. inquire now about vancouver security cameras, alarm systems, home security systems